Thursday, February 9, 2012

Republicans Racist? Check Your History.

As we are in the midst of Black History Month here in the US, it behooves us to separate what is history and fact from that which is myth and fallacy. From my FaceBook friend, Lori Penner, comes this astonishingly thorough list of US historical landmarks dealing with racial equality, and the efforts to prevent it. See for yourself who the worst offenders are:

History of racism in the United States and the roles the Democrats and Republicans played.


  1. My sadness is that there has to be a Black history month.. If we were all equal there would be no racial profiling...

  2. The one big problem with this article is that it assumes that there is no evolution within either parties. The "Republican" and "Democratic" parties have dramatically changed ideals and platforms over the course of two hundred years. In fact, they aren't even the same parties at all.

    To try and say "they did this and we did that" and try to make a case that 200 years ago is the same as today is just ridiculous. (Which is what Lori's article is trying to manipulate people to believe).

    Case on point: "Republicans were anti-slavery and for equality" 200 years ago. This correlation should strongly imply that they are for equality now, but all the pro-life and anti-gay sentiment in the Republican party is clear evidence that they are not the same party that they were then.

    Interestingly enough the two parties have switched roles (this started in the early 1900s).

    How people/parties behave today is all that is important.

  3. One thing that Lori's list left off was that President Woodrow Wilson was one of this nation's most racist presidents, and yet he is hailed as a forward-thinking social reformer with a progressive foreign policy.

    Remember, Kathy, that in order to understand the present, you must know the past. That's why this list is important. If you can counter with a list that provides different facts, please do so so that they can be checked by readers. "How people behave today" has roots in the past. I think you are conveniently ignoring the painful parts of progressive history in favor of the softer, more humane parts.

  4. Hmmm. Pro-life not reflective of who the Republicans were in the past? In the past, Republicans fought for those who had no political voice, namely slaves, women and Native Americans. The unborn seem to fit that description to a T.

    The homosexual agenda needs no help from Republicans, as those who represent that point of view have a quite penetrating political voice in our culture. Of that issue, beyond this sentence, I consider myself unqualified to speak at this time.