Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Often Does THIS Happen?

This past week something unprecedented happened in the realm of left-leaning journalism. Rather than bury a correction or retraction on Section Z, page 29, the producers of This American Life used an entire hour retracting a January 6 episode featuring an account by Mike Daisey telling of abuse and deplorable conditions in Apple's Chinese Foxconn factory.

I guess we should take retractions and corrections where and when we can get them, since much of the left's narrative is half-truth and spun anyway, but I'm gratified that when the chips were down This American Life had the guts and integrity to take an hour of broadcast/podcast time to set the record straight.

Here is a Bloomberg story about the retraction to the Foxconn story:

Apple, Foxconn Report Retracted by 'This American Life'

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  1. Great post Troy! This American Life on NPR is one of my favorites for all the reasons you stated and more. I knew there was more to the Apple story and perhaps another agenda at work. It is so refreshing to read your perspective!

    Namaste and Thank you!
    Jilly Jesson Smyth
    The Jilly Wisdom Group (c)