Friday, July 13, 2012

Cable/Satellite Wars Show True Disconnection From Reality

I "cut the cable" over three years ago. That said, this Forbes article accurately points out that the current kerfuffle between Viacom and DirecTV & Dish is a symptom of a much deeper illness in the television distribution and production industry.

Read on:

Battle Royale Between DirecTV, Viacom, Dish and AMC Pushes TV Closer to Irrelevancy


  1. A big "Amen" to this article. I cut the cable almost 2 years ago. The only things I miss are The Discovery Channel and the HBO series. I really, really miss True Blood, but it's not worth paying $60/month. I just discovered that I can buy seasons 1 thru 4 on DVD for just $99. That's clearly the better deal...and I don't have to wait a week between episodes :O)

    1. I missed The Food Network and The Weather Channel initially, but I've done OK without them. I get all my weather on the iPad and Mac anyway. Netflix and Amazon Prime Streaming get a good workout from me, and have for the last three years.

      My HDTV is a little older, purchased as "HDTV-ready," meaning it didn't have a tuner, so I can't even get my local stations. Don't miss those much, either, though there are some network shows I would have liked to have seen.

      Oh well, they'll all end up on streaming sometime anyway.

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