Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Urgent Conversation with Jay Richards on Economics

With only days to the election some are in desperate need of a good primer on basic economics, since most schools no longer teach it in the most classical sense, leaving our population to flounder in a pool of bad economic ideas and leadership.

This podcast (the one listed as "Money, Greed and God," in case this link goes whacky) from Frank Turek's "Cross Examined" radio program contains a commercial-free conversation with the Discovery Institute's Jay Richards about capitalism and socialism, what the two systems are, which is better, and why.

You, and everyone you know, needs to listen to this immediately. Send the link to all of your friends, especially fiscal liberals who think "just a little socialism" is what our country needs to set things right.

I'm hoping some lights will begin to illumine some long-dark attics and libraries within the minds of potential voters who need to hear this.

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