Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Time To Make It Public

Why am I doing this? Why blog now?

Blogging as a cultural artifact has been around for over a decade now, and relevant to popular culture for at least the last seven years. Why should I choose to engage in the practice at this time when it seems like everybody's aunt's canine has a blog and updates it with the most mundane items, from grocery lists to what they thought of the latest episode of Jersey Shore?

Simple. I want to keep my friends.

I am a man who has opinions. I am also a man with a Facebook page. Opinions can be very detrimental when one wants to keep casual friends—and casual friends are the essence of Facebook, even though my close and treasured friends are there, too.

From time to time my opinions have gotten me de-friended. (And frankly, some of those who did so did me a favor, and I'm grateful.) I would prefer to keep contact with as many friends as I can get, because I am a musician and artist, and the largest network I can build, the more people will come support me in my efforts. Therefore, I am making the conscious effort to be as neutral and friendly as possible to as large a range of people's beliefs and opinions as possible.

From this point on, most of my opinions, observations, links to topical material, and rants will be here, not on Facebook.

Many of you who have had discussions with me on Facebook are reading this very missive right now (for which I thank you!), and I want to request just a couple of things regarding this new means of expression. First, I ask that you not comment on any of the links to this blog I post on my Facebook page. If you must say something or engage in any way, please use the "comment" function here as liberally as you would like. I will answer as I am able. Sometimes I will not answer, allowing my post to speak my final word on the topic. Many of you will dialog with each other—that's great! It's what the "comments" area is for.

Any comments left on a Facebook link to this blog that directly comment on the subject of the post will be deleted. If you leave a "Thanks!" or a "Reading it now" comment, those are fine and I appreciate knowing that you are taking the time to read my posts. If you post a "you're full of it" or even "Troy, you are right on!" post on my Facebook link to this blog, it will be deleted. Use the comments on the blog itself for that.

Second, I ask that you exercise the art of civility and decorum. Please refrain from name-calling and ad-hominem attacks. We should all be above that kind of rhetoric and behavior. If you do it, I will call you on it and explain to you why what you said fits that criteria.

Third, in an effort to keep this discussion as civilized as possible, please watch your language. If you use profanity in your comments, they will be deleted. I have always held that the repeated use of profanity in everyday language is a sign of a small vocabulary and a lack of verbal imagination and skill. You all should be beyond that if you have any desire to be truly civilized.

I thank all of you readers for your time, indulgence and patience. I will attempt to post at least once per week, and more often if something comes up I feel the need to comment upon.

I seriously look forward to both expressing myself, engaging with you, and most of all, learning from you as I post to this, the Reason, Faith, Politics & Art Blog.


  1. Looking forward to your posts, Troy. Not sure I will always agree with you (but then I may!), but I'm sure you will give me some "food for thought".

  2. Nice setup. You'll be seeing me here.

  3. It is so fascinating how the wind of tolerance seems to only blow one way. In referring to one of my favorite Bob Seger songs.. thanks for "running against the wind", Troy.