Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Tis The Season…

It's a time of reflection for me.

Things are not all that great on the home front. The current economic situation still has my household on less than a ragged shoestring. Peter and Paul have both been robbed, paid and robbed again.

Christmas? What's that?

I've decided that in order to reacquaint myself with the proper answer to that question I need to silence a few sources of unnecessary noise and focus on my family, my close friends, and God. I don't even have any gigs scheduled (though I do have one rehearsal to go to two days after Christmas).

I've even shut off my Facebook account, with the plan to reopen it on New Years Day.

Writing is therapeutic, so with no Facebook to distract me I may have plenty of time to get some of the articles and entries written that I've been promising to do. I'll have less of the social background buzz to pull my attention away.

Regardless, I must silence it all to reflect how my Savior, who willingly laid down his rightful role as Sovereign God, humbled Himself and became human so that we, who have no recourse to enter the throne room of the Almighty, might become not only admitted into His household, but grafted right into His family.

That humbles me. That's what's important. Not all this other noise.

God will make a way for us in these tough times. He's never let us down. But I still have to pay attention and set priorities to make sure I'm being wise about what He's given us.

Some say 2012 will be the end of everything. If that's so, I know where I'm going. But I'd rather plan that 2012 will be a new beginning of opportunity for me and my wife, and a new chance to enter into new ventures, musically and artistically.

I need to plant seeds right now, let God water them, and see what comes up.

Merry Christmas, one and all! May you receive all the blessings of the season.

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  1. Your path shall be revealed, all in God's time. Each day bring new opportunity for blessings, but you are right, at times, we need to quiet down to hear the messages. I will pray for you and your family to have strength and courage on your journey. Peace be with you, Kelly R.